I Love Mondays

Whoever says Sunday is a day of rest has never been a parent.

The official day of rest for working parents is Monday.
In the office.

One of the main changes in lifestyle of being a parent is how you treat the weekends.Pre – parenthood, weekends were for sleeping and decompressing – two days of rest from five days of work. They were characterized by lie-ins and lazy Sunday mornings, papers in bed, chilled afternoons in front of the TV, a visit to the pub and a bit of adult frolicking. (Oh I get tearful just things about those halcyon days! nNow, its up at, or before, the crack of dawn, screams and constant demands for attention. A small flat in Central London only holds so much attraction for a young child. Lazing around isn’t an option, we have to do things. We have to go out  and stimulate M. Weekends are spent  hanging out at the park, swimming, visiting the local inner city farm, going on play dates, visiting friends who also have kids, or exploring new areas of the city. Thankfully, we live in the capital and so there are plenty of things to do in London, whether it be art galleries or museums or restaurants.

M is only two, so ancient artefacts and art might be beyond her grasp but the large spaces are great for running around in and playing peek-a-boo!

The good thing is that we do have fun as a family exploring London, which is genuinely one of the greatest cities of the world. The flip side is that constantly doing things is exhausting.

By Sunday night I am dreaming of a nice relaxing week in the office.

My work colleagues don’t demand to be read stories, or be fed, or ask me to draw pictures of cats. And even the more confrontational and annoying ones, when I ask them to do something for me, have never resorted to throwing themselves on the floor screaming.

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2 thoughts on “I Love Mondays”

  1. hahahaha,
    Nice article. What I thought before reading this was that Sunday is the best day of the whole week but your article has somewhat changed my thinking about even the other days of the week.

    Thanks for the views.

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