The dangers of television

Wifey has had a rough time at work recently. She said she wanted to find something to make her happy. And she thought she might be able to find it in Zara. So on Sunday I let her go shopping and I hung out with M.

We do some chasing games and bounce on the bed then we watch Peppa Pig until she falls asleep on my chest.  With time to myself, I consider playing some pc games but then I change my mind, place M on the sofa and pop in my The Wire box set DVD. And promptly fall asleep.

The Wire

When I wake up Toddler M has got some baby powder from the bathroom cupboard, wrapped it in a newspaper and says she wants to  “Go out. To work the corner.”

I pick up the phone to call wifey. M knocks it from my hand and says “Don’t be silly daddy. Wire. Feds listen”.

NB: For readers who don’t know (ie Mum and Dad) The Wire is a clever, sometimes darkly funny, perfectly plotted, crime drama series that gives a complex portrayal of the illegal drug business in Baltimore, USA. The title refers to the wire taps that the cops use to listen in on the street gangsters’ elaborate drug dealings.

The script is full of street slang and is hard to understand (although Baby M had no trouble) and it stars British heart throb actor Dominic West as a maverick cop.
It is one of the greatest tv shows to have ever been made.

2 thoughts on “The dangers of television

  1. Nick

    Thats the kind of thing you are just thankful she breaks out at home, and not in a more delicate setting!


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