World Peace Vegas Style (guest post)

This North Korean situation is getting a little hairy right now. With a new leader hell-bent on asserting his power and magnificence through the pursuit of a belligerent and senseless foreign policy, the dangerous Asian nation poses a still only moderate but ever-growing threat to the stability of peace in the region and around the globe.

A short hop over the Pacific Ocean away lies the United States of America, Washington D.C. and the most powerful man in the world, Barack Obama. The President of the United States has enjoyed a good deal of praise over the past decade, even scooping the treasured accolade of a Nobel Peace Prize. There are many out there who would suggest he hasn’t really earned it just yet, with American troops still deployed at flash-points around the world and the truly deplorable and unjustifiable Guantanamo Bay detention centre still open for business and providing for the sustained torture and imprisonment of untried terror suspects.

Nice work Barack…

Maybe he could make amends for his failings by taking the bite out of the North Korean situation and turning that Kim Jong-Un into Kim Jong-Fun! A good old-fashioned slice of American schmoozing could be just the thing to get the little dictator on side with the western world at which he currently rages so worryingly.

This guy is into his luxury, wealth, riches, so right away we’re thinking Vegas!!! Barack could whisk Kim away by private jet – what they get up to at 12,000 feet is nobody’s business – before landing in the sweltering Nevada desert. The pair could limber up whilst being chauffeured to the city by playing a few online games, before arriving at one of the world’s greatest pleasure palaces. Here, Kim could gawp in wonderment at his luxurious surroundings, stuff his round cheeks with all the sweetest treasures of sea and land alike, and beam with satisfaction as members of staff fling themselves at his feet practically as if they were members of his own beloved people.

And then onto the games! A few pokies to limber up perhaps, and then shooting craps and roulette… Now we’re assuming that what with him being superhuman and all, Obama would have no trouble at all counting cards, so he could also be on hand to help Kim get as near as possible to 21 every time – God help the casino’s security staff if they get suspicious! Some practising online at Intertops Casino Canada wouldn’t go a miss either!

What a perfect evening! We’re picturing the pair linking arms, strolling in front of the beautiful Bellagio fountains and chuckling together about future trade deals, the prospect of world peace and the pathetic insignificance of the puny South Korean government. All that would remain, would be the symbolic sharing of a celebratory cigarette – Barack would presumably have plenty on him – and a handshake. There you have it. World peace, Vegas style!

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