Demon Toddler

I thought the girl in The Exorcist was scary but its more horrifying when it happens in your own home.

demon toddler

The thing about parenting, is that just when you feel you have cracked it and feel smug about how you have worked it all out, then a new problem arrives.  We’d got M potty trained and sleeping in her own bed, when suddenly demonic possession arrived.

One moment M is our sweet adorable daughter and then in the blink of an eye she turns into a wailing banshee, screaming and throwing things and looking at you with hatred.

It took two of us 10 minutes to get her to put on her tights today, as she thrashed and writhed as if in the grip of demonic possession.

Then suddenly the anger lifted like a cloud, she calmed down and we thought our M had returned, but it was a cunning ruse because then she upped the ante, took a leaf out of the IRA handbook, and staged a dirty protest –pulling down her tights and knickers and peeing on the floor, all the while staring at us with a steely look of defiance. It may have been the light but I could have sworn her eyes flashed red for a second.

It appears the terrible twos have arrived. And despite all the warnings i really wasn’t prepared for it.

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  1. denver chance

    I really shacked about this article. How much problem happened on this girl?


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