Baby Jumping Festival

bizarre baby festival

Are you worried that your baby might be possessed by evil spirits. Well don’t worry all you need is a man in fancy dress to jump over your child.

Every year in Spain they hold a Baby Jumping Festival to purify babies.

El Colacho as it is known  is held in Castillo de Murcia near Burgos in the Spring. It is the culmination of the Spanish Catholic Festival of Corpus Christi.

The babies are laid on the ground and then grown men, dressed as devils (or bizarrely Elvis) jump over them. The act of flying in the air over the babies is supposed to cleanse them of all evil spirits.

baby jumping2

This bizarre festival was founded in 1620 and is a mixture of Spanish folklore and religion. The organisers are the mysterious brotherhood of Santísimo Sacramento de Minerva, who appear to be competing to wear the most outlandish costume.

After the baby hurdles, the children are sprinkled with petals and blessed.

In our safety conscious age, the festival has come under fire from critics who says its dangerous, and even the Pope has asked Catholic priests not to condone it, but it looks pretty good fun to me.

But I wonder what happens if one of these leaping lads was to land short and fall on one of the babies? Or if the leaper fell and twisted his ankle? Would they be able to seek compensation claiming it was a work accident? Perhaps they should have Leo Claims on speed dial!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting facts about this festival.

  2. shouldnt that be against the law or something?

  3. This festival is so strange..If the man didn’t make it,what about the kids :roll:

  4. I never ever saw this type of event in any country, why this?

  5. Amazing, I never ever heard about this festival though I heard about Bull racing, and la tomatina. But man this is crazy stuff the small kids can easily hit by their boots.

  6. This festival is so strange.

  7. Thanks for sharing this interesting facts about this festival.

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