The rock and the snake – parenting

In the illustration, The man doesn’t know that there is a snake underneath. The woman doesn’t know that there is a stone crushing the man. The woman thinks: “I am going to fall! And I can’t climb because the snake is going to bite me! Why can’t the man use a little more strength and pull me up!” The man thinks: “I am in so much pain! Yet I’m still pulling you as much as I can! Why don’t you try and climb a little harder!?”
The moral is— you can’t see the pressure the other person is under, and the other person can’t see the pain you’re in.
This applies to parenting but also life i general, whether it’s with work, family, feelings or friends, we should try to understand each other.
Learn to think differently, empathise more, and communicate better.

Be kind to people. We are fighting our own battles.

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