Dispatches From The Fatherhood Frontline Week 11

‘Things I have learnt:

Nappies leak.
Eco nappies leak even more.
They may be good for the environment and reduce landfill but the non oil based elastic replacement (no doubt made from organic tofu by South American natives) is not very elastic.

The smell of a baby is the best smell in the world.
The smell of a baby’s poo is not so good.
The smile your daughter gives you when she wakes up and sees you can make your heart burst with joy.
Looking at the world through a baby’s eyes is like taking LSD
The other day the two of us spent 10 minutes just staring at a leaf.

Baby screams and hangovers don’t mix.
Baby’s have a novel way of trying to go to sleep.

As adults we have learnt that the best way is to lie still shut your eyes and be silent.Baby’s prefer to lie on their backs with their eyes wide open, roll around madly shaking all their limbs and scream in baby talk the equivalent of “I CAN’T GO TO F-KING SLEEP” over and over for approximately ten minutes. Absolutely exhausted they then fall asleep.

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