Wifey’s Birthday

It’s my wife’s birthday soon and I have been looking for gifts for her. She says she doesn’t like surprises and would prefer  cash, but does she really mean that? I like giving surprises. Although looking back over past purchases my track record is pretty patchy.

Early on in our relationship I bought her a stripper pole. She had been flirting with the idea for months. But she was seriously underwhelmed when she got one for her birthday. And suffice to say it lies under our bed never used,  although I still live in hope.

The other year I got her a gym membership. She had been talking about getting back in shape and I thought it would make a lovely gift. But she said it was insulting and scowled at me all night.I should have learnt my lesson about that one because she didn’t appreciate the cook book I got her for Xmas, or the bathroom scales.I know. I know. In retrospect not the best gift for wifey. But I thought she\'d like the colour.My wife said they were gifts that said you are fat, lazy, and can’t cook. Not things I actually think about my beloved but I can see now why she believed that might be what I thought. The car sat-nav I got her two years ago didn’t go down much better. She is useless at directions and so I thought she’d appreciate it.

I think choosing bad gifts must go in the family because I still remember the year my grandma got me 3 pairs of socks, the wrong size, and 1 can of Lynx which said ‘not to be sold separately’ on the side (obviously one of a multipack) all wrapped in Minnie mouse wrapping paper. I was 27.

So after seven years of marriage maybe wifey is right to ask for her birthday gift to be cash rather than a “surprise”. But then again maybe I will get her some flowers. Surely you can’t go wrong with flowers direct to the door can you?  After all everyone likes flowers don’t they? I have just to make sure I stick to a beautiful bouquet and don’t swerve into more unconventional territory. Like the time I bought her a cactus. And she got needles in her hand when she unwrapped it.

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