The Visitor

In London lives a mummy and daddy who want to sleep together in their own bed, Just the two of them. Together alone.

But every night when the night is dark and the world is quiet they are be woken by a noise. The spooky sudden sound of a door being opened. The tiny patter of little feet.

They have heard those feet before. And they dare not look. Fearful of what will happen, they hide their heads under the duvet and hold each other tight.
All is quiet.

“I think she’s gone away’ whispered the woman.

The man slowly pops his head out from under the duvet. And his heart jumps. She is standing there. A nightmarish shadowy figure at the door. A little asian looking girl.

She is silent. Just staring at him. He recognises her. He has seen that spooky face before.She is “the visitor”. The Grudge who moves through their flat at night. In Japanese she is known as Ju-On.


With x-ray eyes, she can walk the corridor in darkness.

He puts his head back under the covers and tries to calm his beating heart. Praying that she will go away.Hoping that its just a nightmare.

Hoping that he can go back to his dreams.

But he can feel a presence in the room. She is moving closer. And closer.

They stay absolutely still. With the forces of their minds, they will her to go away.

Suddenly they can feel the otherwordly duvet moving. And a body climbs into the bed.

Every night the visitor does this. Every night they swear they won’t let it happen again.

But the Grudge knows. The Grudge knows they are weak.

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