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Daddy Dazed loves these Kids Snippets – kids tales voiced by children, acted by adults.


Indoor activities a dad can perform

There are many things that you can do indoors to keep the cheeriest moods intact in gloomy weather.

  1. Reveal the photographer in you to capture and preserve the precious family memories. It’s not every day that you get to see the kids cutely sleeping on the table or in the washing basket! You can re-work and edit the taken pictures to give it a funky and funny side!
  1. Play cards with the family. We know that you’d prefer playing with your mates, but it can be equally fun to play with the kids and wife. There are many games such as ‘Go Fish’, ‘Crazy Eights’, ‘Old Maid’, ‘War’, ‘Concentration/Memory’, ‘Snap’, ‘Pig’ and ‘Slapjack’ which can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids since they are easy games.
  1. Have you ever thought of building robots, monsters and other creatures with household items for the kids? You don’t have to be Einstein to build a robot, you only need a couple of egg crates, empty can and box, old Cd to let your imagination run wild to make a recycled robot!
  1. What about when the kids are away on sleepovers? You may still keep yourself entertained by indulging in online slots at Magical Vegas. This site is the place where you may find a large variety of games to play. You have surely dreamed of flying to Las Vegas at one point in life, well Magical Vegas takes you to Vegas! The site gives you the chance of winning 2 flight tickets, accommodation and spending money!
  1. Have you ever tried treasure hunting inside of the house? This can be a super fun game with the family. Everyone can choose just any outfits they wish from pirates, superheroes etc. and with a little imagination, every room may be a specific place. You may even use a map to indicate where you have hidden the treasures and let the others find it. This will bring in some team work, complicity and laughter in the house!

There are various other things to do while being indoors like dancing, playing hide and seek, have a parade, play find the timer and much more! You only require using your imagination, like Peter Pan did, to make these moments even more entertaining and memorable!


Rainy day activities

It’s the UK and the chances are that, even in the summer, it’ll be raining somewhere. It’s an accepted, if irritating, part of life, but what are you going to do with your child during a rainy day? Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do, some at home and some by heading off to a local museum or art gallery.

Imagination and inspiration

Children need to be stimulated, and you can so easily do this in the home if you’re prepared to take the time. Use your imagination to inspire your kid, and in no time they’ll have a whole range of new experiences and skills to enjoy.


parenting dads sons

Why not teach your child the basics of chess? They will love to learn how the different pieces move and its a great way to teach them about tactics.

Museums and Galleries

Kids are thirsty for knowledge, so taking your son or daughter to a local museum to see and learn about new things is a great way to spend a rainy day. You can work with them to help explain the things they see, and most museums today have interactive exhibits that engage children – and adults as well.

If you’re in or near London, try the Science Museum, where science comes to life. Fascinating exhibitions showcase the development of scientific theories and achievements and delve into how products we take for granted are engineered. Indeed, your son could be inspired to be an engineer, rise through the ranks and end up as chairman of a major engineering company.

Meggitt, for example, is a huge UK company specialising in aerospace and other technology areas. As top City financier Sir Nigel Rudd joins Meggitt board, it gives a boost to this important engineering business. It shows how engineering is an essential part of the UK economy.

Build things

Meccano has been around for a long time, and you may well have had some of this amazing construction kit when you were a child. Suffice it to say that it hasn’t really been bettered. Using simple metal strips, plates and girders that are perforated and connected with nuts and bolts, they have taught many boys – and girls too ¬– the basics of mechanical engineering.

Don’t forget Lego. Together, you and you child can invent outrageous structures or vehicles out of these tiny bricks, exciting your son’s imagination and intriguing him with the possibilities that even play engineering can lead to something more.

Rainy days can be great fun. You have time with your child, you can teach and get feedback from him and perhaps even learn things you hadn’t thought of yourself. It may be wet outside, but the sun’s shining indoors.

Lounge Casino


Six men pushing middle age are seated round the lounge table covered in a piece of green beize bought from Argos, smoking cigars and joints, sipping beer and believing they are in a Vegas Casino. It’s poker night.


How’s being a stay at home dad?


Fucking exhausting!

There is a reason why for centuries men have chosen not to do it – they worked out that hunting animals or going down the pits or even going to war was preferable. But childcare is so expensive it doesn’t really make sense for me to work. She earns far more than me.

She sends me regular texts and e mail reminders. “Don’t forget to feed the kids.” “Please take washing out of washing machines.”


Sounds like she’s got your balls!


They all get them in the end. At least she hasn’t got my wallet. Well actually she has, but there’s nothing in it! That’s why I need to win big here tonight boys!

But on the flip-side, on the good days I get to lie on the sofa and watch Peppa Pig all day.


I love that cartoon! And she’s right – there’s nothing beats jumping in muddy puddles somedays.


Pam has said we should start looking for a live-in au pair. I got really excited when I started looking online. There were some really fit ones. I campaigned for one from Brazil. But she soon stamped on that dream. She made it clear that she’s in charge of hiring. We’ve got an interview with a Bulgarian woman this week. She’s older than my mum and looks like a shot putter.

poker night

A few years ago these men’s poker nights were a monthly engagement in our diary. But now everyone is to busy with work and ever expanding families to find the time or energy to stay up all night drinking, playing poker. I have instead turned to the online casino industry to get my gambling fix.

At the moment its not poker but casino roulette that has got me hooked.

Once again, its late, I’m sitting in my house and imagining I’m in a Vegas casino. And I love it. Although I do miss the drunken banter.

Netflix TV treats for Dads

Some Netflix recommendations for dads to watch in their man cave.

Put-upon teacher turns into bad ass drug dealer. If you are one of the few that hasn’t watched it yet, join the party. You won’t regret it.

Watch it when you have caned Breaking Bad and you are still craving for a Vince Gilligan fix.

Politics has never been so watchable or so sexy.


If you can get past Sherlock’s sidekick / The Hobbit doing a William H Macey impression this is one helluva ride. Billy Bob Thornton at his menacing best.


Fathers day Jet Pack

It’s fathers day soon and wifey if you are reading this can i get one of these water powered jet packs please? M has some child benefit saved in her own bank account i’m sure she’d be delighted to spend it all on me. They are about $100k, so you might have top up the difference!

Fool Britannia

Everybody likes good comedy right? And us Brits do it pretty well. Monty Python, Ricky Gervais and that big guy, James Corden, they’re all pretty funny, right? But you know what? It’s not that they’re so funny because they mean to be – most of the time they just can’t help it. The fact is those guys come from a place that has comedy just oozing out of the ground. It’s not just history that we have a lots of. We also have thousands of years of comic potential just waiting to be tapped as well. Did you take a peek at the people standing to be Prime Minister recently? Honestly, if Jim Henson had seen any of those guys the Muppets would have been a heck of a lot more freaky. It’s a fair bet that us Brits  spent more time laughing at them than listening to them.

You know that saying about politics being showbusiness for ugly people? In Britain it works slightly differently. In Britain, politics is stand-up for people with no insight and no irony, who simply don’t realise how laughable they are.


May 27, 2015

Encouraging Family Fitness (Guest Post)

family parenting

Finding the time to you need to exercise when you’re a parent can be a particularly difficult task, especially when your children are very young. Whilst running round attempting to keep up with your hyper-active four year old can prove to be more energetic than you’d think, it may not quite be the fitness regime you were hoping for.

Whilst it’s important to spend time with your kiddos, spending time doing the things you enjoyed pre-children is extremely important too – especially if it means leading a healthy lifestyle. Of course, while your children are not quite at the walking stage just yet certain activities may not be parent-child friendly; but as they grow there are plenty of sports you can enjoy together.


Teaching your children to ride a bicycle is such a rewarding task and it will fill you (and them!) with pride when they finally get the confidence to banish the stabilisers! Providing your children with a trike from a young age will stand them in good stead for when they get a little older and move onto a more grown up bike. When they reach the age when they feel safe and secure on two wheels rather than four, then venturing out into the countryside is a great way to explore the great outdoors and keep fit whilst doing so.


Whether you’re spending time at the local park or enjoying a family outing to the seaside, cricket is a superb way to encourage the whole family to keep fit together and get up off of that sofa! Whilst the children are younger, it may not be as physical as you’re used to but as they get a little older, playing cricket can be a fantastic way to encourage some healthy competition amongst siblings. Investing in high quality equipment that is built to last such as cricket bats and the right protection, will mean that the sport can be enjoyed time and time again!


Swimming is a fantastic activity to enjoy with your children as it can be done from a very young age – and it gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality time together whilst keeping fit. Swimming is a great workout for your whole body and will help to keep you looking toned and is beneficial for those of you with bad backs or achey joints. The best part is, swimming hardly seems like exercise at all and is a fantastic way to unwind after a particularly stressful day.

Ice Hockey

Perhaps a tad unconventional in comparison to other sports, but ice hockey can be plenty of fun – provided you have the correct equipment to keep you safe whilst doing do. This is a pastime that should be saved for when your children get a little older as any sport carried out on ice can mean some tumbles, especially if you’re not steady on your feet at first but once you both become a little more confident you’re certain to forget the bumps and bruises!